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About Us

Our Partnerships

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Synthetics USA is an international fine and specialty chemical consultant company. Our principal expertise is sourcing products with applications in pharmaceutical, medical imaging, electronic, and fine & specialty chemical markets. Other services include business development (product-based or customer acquisition) for manufacturers through our strong network within the chemical industry, combined with high-level market research and analysis. We have strategic relationships with manufacturers in China, India, and the USA that allow us to offer custom solutions to each project we handle.

In January 2020, Synthetics USA became the majority stakeholder in Verdimine, LLC, an early-stage, specialty green chemical company focused on the sustainable production of imines, oximes, semicarbazones, and quinoxaline derivatives. Synthetics USA will direct the business development, sales, and marketing representation for Verdimine in the North American marketplace.

We also represent companies with capabilities including, but not limited to:

  • cGMP biotech intermediates including nucleotides, phosphoramidites, mRNA products, ADC cytotoxic payloads & linkers, and enzymes

  • Early phase through commercial scale cGMP production of small molecule pharmaceutical API's

  • Process research and development for targeted molecules at lab scale for small molecules and biotech

  • High purity specialty chemicals used in medical imaging, UV stabilizers, and cosmetics

  • Cryogenic reactions

Our People

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Bob Titus


Bob has an MBA from the University of New Haven and 

holds Bachelor's degrees in Chemical Engineering from the 

University of Rochester and Math from Houghton College. Withover 50 years of experience, Bob is very well known and 

respected in the pharmaceutical, fine & specialty chemical, and personal care industries. His expertise centers around sourcing, manufacturingand supplying complex chemical products used in pharmaceutical, specialty, and fine chemical supply chains.

Bob is based in Mahwah, NJ.


Mel Kluesner

Vice President

Mel has Bachelor's degrees in both Chemistry and Biology from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  She has worked in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry for 10 years and her expertise lies in business development, technical sales, and market research and analysis.

Mel is based in Charlotte, NC.

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